Your Guide to Buying Running Shoes

Running Shoes Guide

There is a science to everything and buying running shoes is not an exception. There are a couple of things that you should know if you are new to running.

1. Identify where are you going to be running. Some people like to run on a trail, others live in a city and the majority of their runs will be done on pavement, and some will be working it on a treadmill.  It is important to keep in mind that not all sneakers are made for both for pavement or soft surfaces.

2. Determine what type of running style you have. Does your heel hit the ground first or is it the top of your foot? You may want to consider shoes that have more cushion on that part of the foot.  I would strongly recommend visiting a running specialty shop to try on several pairs and test them in the store.  Most specialty stores have a treadmill, if not, just run around the store.

3. Make sure you have the right size. This seems obvious, but some people like to buy their running shoes a size and a half bigger. When you are being fitted for running shoes, it’s not only important that there is enough space in the toe for when you stand, but your whole foot should fit inside the platform of the shoe.

4. Buy your running shoes solely for running. Wearing your shoes for other activities other than running will break them down faster and lessen their performance on the run.

5. Please don’t show up at the store in your suit. You wont be able to run.  When you go to the running store, be sure to wear your running socks and bring your orthotics with you. You want to mimic a real run as much as possible.

Make sure you make good use of your running gear. Your sneakers will help you to not get injured and enhance your performance.  Give them the time and manner they deserve.



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