What’s So Special About Organic Digest?

Organic Digest powder One of the key ingredients in Organic Digest is a prebiotic fiber from Jerusalem artichoke.

Digestion and regularity – or more like the absence of digestion and regularity – is a very common issue for most Americans. In fact, as many as 30 percent of you reading this might be a little backed up in the pipes right now.[1] While there are a number of possible reasons why this happens, one thing that may help is a healthier diet along with a good source of fiber like Organic Digest.*

Digestion Supplement

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Our Organic Digest was formulated to deliver a balanced blend of insoluble and soluble fiber plus other nutrients. We carefully selected ingredients that support regular elimination while also nourishing the digestive tract.*

Let’s discover what makes our Organic Digest so incredible!

Our first ingredient is the organic Jerusalem artichoke, which believe it or not is a part of the sunflower family. You might recognize this flower as it is native to North America and grows wild along roadsides across the Western half of the U.S.

For our product, we harvest the Jerusalem artichoke’s tuber, which is the plant’s source of inulin. Inulin is a naturally occurring type of soluble fiber, and contributes to the 5 grams of fiber in our Organic Digestion product. Further, the inulin derived from the Jersualem artichoke also provides prebiotics, which support the growth of healthy gut bacteria.[2][3] In addition to its health benefits, the inulin from Jerusalem artichoke is naturally subtly sweet!*Harvesting Oat Fiber

Our second ingredient is organic oat fiber, which grows on the rolling plains beneath the clear blue skies of Canada. The oat fiber is made from the hull of the oat, and is ground until it is the consistently of a very thin powder. As much of 80 percent of this oat powder is fiber! Not only is oat fiber a great source of fiber, but it also has a very pleasant taste and consistency. This ingredient combined with the subtle sweetness of the Jerusalem artichoke give Organic Digest its natural oatmeal flavor.Oats on Farm

When selecting our oat fiber, it was very important to find an ingredient that was gluten free. As oats are often grown side-by-side with wheat and processed on the same equipment, this was an extremely difficult task. Not only did we find gluten free oat fiber, but we were also able to certify our product as gluten free under 10ppm by the Gluten Free Certifying Organization (GFCO).

Next, we blend in the mighty chia seed, and I’m sure you’ve heard about the many benefits of chia seed. We selected chia because it contains both soluble and insoluble fiber plus omega fatty acids, all of which support healthy digestion and regularity.[4] If your curious about the difference between insoluble and soluble fiber and why both are so important for your health, please click here to read more about fiber.*Aloe Vera Farm in Guatemala

Our organic chia seeds are harvested in South America, and when selecting our chia seeds we paid very close attention to the quality of this ingredient. Not only did we seek out the best quality chia that we could find, but we tested it before we purchased, and after we purchased, and yet once again we tested the finished product. This is extremely important as not all chia is grown, harvested and sterilized equally.

Finally, we add organic aloe vera extract to our blend. You can slightly taste the aloe vera in the powder as it delivers a hint of bitterness on the endnote. Aloe vera is an incredible support for the digestive system as it soothes the digestive tract and also supports digestion and regularity.[5]*Aloe Vera Filleted by Hand

Our aloe vera is grown on an organic farm in Guatemala where the plant thrives naturally without the need for pesticides or other chemicals. In addition to being certified organic, our farm is also certified fair trade. As you can see in the photo, the aloe leaf is filleted by hand and the inside of the leaf is harvested for our products.

We searched the globe for the best four ingredients to work together to best support healthy digestion and regularity. We hope you’ll give us a try and discover why our fans are raving about Organic Digest!


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