Top Holiday Gifts for the Health Nut

Gifts for Health Food Fanatics Don't Know what to Get Your Health Foodie Friends? We'll Help!

Do you have a health nut on your gift list, but not exactly sure what to buy him or her? Stop your worrying and check out our best ideas on the list below!

1. Smoothie Basket. The chances are that your health nut friend or family member is a smoothie aficionado.  So, put together some fun smoothie blenders like artisanal almond butter, organic coconut oil, dried superfoods such as goji berries, and his or her favorite vegan protein or green vegetable powder. Then, personalize it with a personalized tumbler. Wrap this up in a basket and tie it with a bow!

2. CSA Farmshare Box. Support your health nut’s healthy vegetable habits and your local farmers with a Community Supported Agriculture Farmshare Box. These boxes are delivered weekly to your doorstep and contain a variety of fresh, organically grown seasonal vegetables. You can spend anywhere from $20 to $50 per box, it’s up to you and which programs are available in your city. To find one near you, simply go to and type in “community supported agriculture box,” then find a program and sign up your health nut!

3. Spiralizer. Chances are your health nut already spiralizing, but just in case he or she is not – this gift will change her life! Spiralizing cuts vegetables into thin slices like noodles, transforming them into easy, low-calorie swaps for carbohydrates. For example, you can switch your spaghetti noodles for spiralized zucchini or carrots and top with tomato sauce or pesto. The possibilities are endless. Perhaps your friend already has a spiralizer, then give her an upgrade or a spiralizer cookbook like this one.

4. Cooking Class Experience. If your health nut also loves to prep her own meals, then a cooking class is right up her alley. These days you can learn how to DIY just about anything, for example, how about a pickling class or a chocolate-making class? Or maybe your friend would like to learn the wonders of the wok with a Pad Thai class or explore the flavors of India? Simply search your area for which classes are available and purchase a spot at the table.

5. Thrive Market Membership. Your friend probably spends a fortune for organic food staples at Whole Foods Market or her local health food store – but she doesn’t have to! You can help her save cold hard cash with an annual membership to Thrive Market. This online market offers your favorite health food brands at up to 50 percent off retail price, and it’s delivered directly to your doorstep. Your friend can save money on health foods without stepping foot out of the house – that’s my kind of gift!

If you don’t think any of these ideas will float your friend’s healthy boat, then you can always donate in her honor to a local charity. No one can deny that giving is the best gift of all! If you have any more ideas, please pass along – we have several health nuts to shop for.




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