Running 101: The Basics

Running Couple Best Running Tip Ever...Find a Partner in Crime!

A couple days ago someone asked me how I became a runner. Quite honestly I never had ambition to be a runner or even dreamed I would be able to run. It’s definitely an acquired taste for me, but I have come to realize running is such a noble, anyone can do it! Just put your sneakers on, start running, and you are part of the club.  Everyone has a different reason, some do it for fitness, others like the sense of freedom, and the reasons go on and on!

Along my running journey I learned a couple lessons that may help you to become a runner and actually enjoy it.

1. Get a partner in crime! If you have never been a runner, having a partner will really help you to stick with it.  It is true that running is more of a solitary sport; however, sometimes just getting out the door can be really challenging. Having someone to encourage you and sharing with you is going to lift your spirit.

2. Map your route beforehand. Likely, if this is your first time running you are not sure where to go. Go to Google Maps and find a path, trail or park.  This will ensure that you stay on course and you can track the distance.

3. Take it easy. Some of us tend to overdue it on the first day. Likely, your body needs to acclimate to the pounding of your legs and to breathing properly. At first, you may feel out of breath like your lungs are not getting enough oxygen, this is perfectly normal. Your fitness level will eventually rise, and you won’t experience this sensation until you challenge yourself again. Little by little, you’ll go farther.

4. Warm up – cool down. Most people hit the pavement right away. Please don’t! Your body needs a few minutes to transition from a normal state to a very active state and back again, so give it a chance.

5. Stick with it, you will come to enjoy it. Let me break the news to you that runners don’t have super powers (certainly not me). We all started somewhere, and it doesn’t get easier, but you will get better and you will come to enjoy it. In fact, you will crave running, you might even feel like your day is incomplete without a good run. Running is not for everybody, and I get that, but all runners understand what you are going through and we are all proud of you for trying. If you want to be a runner, be a runner. All of the running skills will come with time, form, speed and breathing.  You will get there!

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