Reasons to Run: You Only Need 6 Miles a Week

Running Outdoors Research Suggests that Every Minute of Running Counts!

If you’re struggling to find the willpower to strap on your running shoes and get out the door for a long run, relax, you may not need to run as much as you think!

In fact, if you’re only jogging about 6-7 miles per week (yes, per week), you may actually be reaping just as many rewards from your runs than your overachieving friends who clog your Facebook feed boasting their daily half marathons around town.

The Mayo Clinic recently posted an article that looked at all running-related health studies conducted since the year 2000 to analyze the benefits of aerobic exercise and our health. The consensus is that running is pretty darn good for you.

In the studies reviewed by The Mayo Clinic, running was shown to support healthy weight and reduce the long-term risk of various chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease. But what’s even more interesting is that the researchers determined that the maximum benefits of running can be achieved with only about 75 minutes of running per week or 150 minutes of walking.

So, rejoice friends. Every 10 minutes counts toward a healthier you — get up, get out the door and make it happen!





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