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Nutritional Supplements Our Packaging Against the Backdrop that Inspired it - Austin, Texas!

When Nadia and I set out to launch The Natural Citizen, we got together and first agreed on our mission – “honest-to-goodness wellness.” This means that we wanted to create an honest company with honest products that do good for the body and the community on a foundation of wellness.

By honest products, we wanted to create the best quality product that we possibly could. So, we formulated for months and tested numerous ingredients. We actually searched the world for materials that met our rigorous quality standards, and we brought them back to Austin, Texas.Organic Greens White

Our packaging tells the journey of our ingredients, and every product has a different story to tell.

The Organic Greens shows our moringa leaves growing strong within the scenic beauty of India, surrounded by lotus flowers reminiscent of Namaste greetings and the pools of organic spirulina resting under the Asian sun. This marvelous journey takes us to the great plains of Kansas where the barley and alfalfa fields dance to the whistle of the wind. Finally, we bring it all home to the beautiful and ever-changing skyline of Austin, Texas where we fuel our consumers and their active lifestyles.Energy Supplement

Our Organic Energy adventure starts in the cold and resilient tundra of the South American Andean region where the energy flows among the mountains and the vegetation fights a relentless battle with the elements. This is where our organic maca root and quinoa patiently wait to be harvested. Across the ocean, our green tea and Rhodiola rosea flourish organically in Asia honoring Mother Earth and preserving centuries of tradition.

The Organic Digest tells the tale of the mighty chia that paints the Latin America fields with its tender purple flowers that leave behind tiny seeds with Digestion Supplementhealth benefits for natives and strangers. We travel to the farms of North America were the sun shines warm and the wind blows just enough to spin the windmills. It is here where our pale yellow oats generate a hearty crop and await the roar of the tractor’s sheers. Our Jerusalem artichoke root disguises its benefits under a shiny yellow flower but if you look carefully out your window you may find it growing wild in your own backyard! Last but not least, our Aloe vera with its prickly spines and smooth green coat is carefully grown organically and spreads its calming nature through its Central American fields.

It is with great love and care that we curated the ingredients for our nutritional products – and we felt that the packaging deserved just as much attention to detail. Look closely and you’ll find yourself getting lost on an adventure with us around the globe! We’d love to hear what you think, please tell us in the comments below.



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Wanderer, wonderer and health foodie, Angela is an avid label reader and devoted smoothie mixologist. She co-founded The Natural Citizen with the intent to bring honest-to-goodness wellness to everyone!

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