Easy Habits that Cultivate Happiness

Happy Habits Simple Daily Tips to Cultivate More Happiness in Your Life

For some of us the reality that we are in control of our own happiness is a difficult concept to grasp, especially if we’re feeling a little low. Well, it’s good to know that science has proven that we own our personal happiness and there are simple things you can do everyday to raise your level of happy.

According to Shawn Achor, who studies positive psychology and wrote the book The Happiness Advantage, the following five simple habits can lift our spirits and make us view the world with a little more glitter and sparkle. Go ahead and give these simple habits a try over the next month and let us know how you feel!

  1. Write down three things you are grateful for every day. This alone will change your life. I love to list these three things on my notepad everyday before I dive into work and it takes me all of 30 seconds.
  1. Journal a positive experience that you’ve had in the last 24 hours. That’s right, put the pen to paper and let the goodness flow out of your heart. If it was that good the first time, it will be just as amazing as you’re reliving it over and over again!
  1. Exercise. Do I really need to give an explanation on this one? Exercise makes everything better, improves our health and mental clarity and gets those endorphins roaring… Exercise is also a great stress reliever.
  1. Meditate. You can do this anytime of day, take 3 minute when you first wakeup or after your workout or at the end of Yoga practice. Simply take some time to clear your head, erase the slate and make a fresh start.
  1. Perform a random act of kindness. This one is my favorite and it reaches so far beyond your own personal happiness! Open a door, smile at a stranger on the street, send an email to a colleague about what a great job she is doing, or mail a greeting card to your grandmother. Kindness is a domino effect, and it all starts with you!

And, if you don’t have time for all five, pick one or two and set yourself on track for destination: Happy!



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