5 Tips to a Morning Workout Habit

Morning Exercise Habit Nothing Says "Accomplishment" Like an Early Morning Workout

Some of you lucky folks have no problem waking up at the crack of dawn to sweat your hearts out. However, many of us are clearly not naturally morning people. While biology does play a factor in whether or not we hit the snooze button, the truth is that it all comes down to willpower. Believe it or not, anyone (including you) can make morning workouts a regular thing.

These five tips will get you out of bed and into the groove. Keep it up for 30 days and you’ll have yourself a healthy habit!

  1. First things First – Go to bed earlier and get a solid night of sleep. This might seem obvious, but don’t cut yourself short on sleep as you are easing yourself into a new routine. Sleep is important for every part of your mental and physical health. So, treat yourself and turn in early.
  1. Set Yourself up for Success – Do you find yourself making hundreds of excuses as you reach for the snooze button? Eliminate the excuses before you go to bed. Sleep in your (clean) workout clothes with your shoes, headphones and watch by your bed. Set your thermostat to turn the heat up 30 minutes before you wake up so your house is warm and you won’t want to hide under the blankets. Set multiple alarms in multiple locations that are totally out of your reach. Check the weather the night before, if it’s going to rain, dress accordingly or make plans to attend an indoor workout class. You know yourself better than anyone, so you know exactly what you’ll be telling yourself when the alarm goes off. Prepare a rebuttal for every excuse you can think of before you go to bed, so there are simply no excuses!
  1. Get. Out. Of. Bed. – Do whatever you need to do to get your ass out of the bed. Try putting your alarm on the other side of the room or in another room. Ask your bed partner to annoy you until you are forced to get up. Program your coffee pot so the temptation of the smell of coffee outweighs the comfort of your bed. If you can will yourself out of bed, you have won half the battle!
  1. Give Yourself a Shot of Wake Up – Once you are out of the bed, jolt yourself with something that will immediately snap you out of the dream state. Try splashing cold water in your face. Drinking a glass of lemon water. Turning up the music for a two-minute dance party (hello Jock Jams!). Brush your teeth. Chug a cup of Joe. Oh yeah, feeling alive!
  1. Tie Your Shoes and Get out the Door – Just go, don’t look back. When you have negative thoughts, tell yourself all the positive reasons why you are doing this. For example, you will feel better afterwards; in fact, you will feel amazing, proud and accomplished! You have the rest of the day to do whatever you want, no more dreading afternoon workouts. There are hundreds of reasons why this is good for you and really no logical reason why it’s bad for you. You might even consider writing out these hundred reasons on a piece of paper to review before you head out the door. Once you’ve worked out the first day, relish in how you feel and capture the moment for future motivation.

After day one, you’ve completed the most difficult step – just getting started. And you’ve proven to yourself that you can do it! Now, just keep it going and who knows, maybe by the end of the first week you’ll be craving your morning workout. Happy sweating!



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