5 Mind Tricks with Waistline Benefits

Weight Loss Tricks Who Knew that Eating with a Fork Could Help you Eat Less?

Perhaps you kicked off the New Year with big goals, and if losing weight is one of them there are some simple tricks that you can employ to cut out unnecessary calories! Try these tips along with a “healthy-ish” diet and regular exercise, and you’ll be well on your way to achieving a healthy weight.

1. Eat from a Smaller Plate. Instead of using a dinner plate for dinner, use a salad plate. Go ahead and fill it up! Research suggests that you’ll 22% fewer calories with this simple trick.[1]

 2. Use a Real Plate. On a similar note to our previous trick, when you eat on a real plate vs. a paper plate, you’ll eat less. Although researchers aren’t sure why this is the case, they believe it’s because we feel guilt when wasting food when trashing a disposable plate. So, time to do some dishes (which will also burn calories).[2]

3. Eat in Front of a Mirror. This might seem a little awkward, but science tells us that you’ll eat less when looking at yourself in a mirror. Now, it might not be possible to utilize this trick for every meal, but at a minimum, if you’re craving dessert consider enjoying it in front of your bedroom mirror. You’ll eat less and feel better. And, while you’re in front of the mirror, give yourself a couple positive affirmations for making a healthy choice.[3]

4. Skip the Spoon and Go for the Fork. People actually perceive foods to contain fewer calories and therefore eat more of it when they are eating it with a spoon! So, time to start eating that ice cream with a fork![4]

5. Stay Positive. Are you determined, stubborn, maybe the type of person that when someone tells you not to do something, then you absolutely must do it? Well, that might work against you when you’re trying to steer clear of unhealthy eating. That’s because when we tell ourselves that something is bad, it makes us want it even more. And, when we want it more – we go for it to the tune of eating 39% more than if we had situated the food in a positive light. Think about Eve and the forbidden fruit, although, in my case it’s generally the forbidden chocolate.[5]

Can you believe these simple changes can make such a big difference? We would love to share your tips as well, please paste in the comments below.


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