3 Tips to Curb Holiday Eating

Holiday Weight Loss These Simple Tips will Keep Holiday Hunger at Bay

We’ve all been there: standing at the appetizer table with a drink in hand, trying to muster up the will power to just. say. no. But, alas, the little voice in our head is drowned out by one too many sugary cocktails and the craving for even more sugar! Chocolate covered pretzels, cupcakes, peppermint candies – pick your poison, it’s a curse of the holiday season. But, fortunately, there are simple tricks that can help you steer clear of a night of bad nutrition decisions.

1. Strengthen your willpower with water and lemon. This is an old trick that works wonders and detoxes at the same time.[1] Simply drink a large glass of warm water with lemon before heading to your holiday party, which will fill you up and the sour lemon will help curb your sweet tooth.[2] Then, once you arrive at the party, drink at least one glass of water for every cocktail you consume. And, if you want to really be on top of your game, after you get a good buzz from a couple drinks, swap out your cocktail for club soda and lemon for the rest of the night! Keep in mind that alcohol is like kryptonite for your willpower.

2. Eat a large, healthy meal at home before heading to the danger zone. If you arrive to the fiesta with a belly full, you will be less likely to ravenously attack the buffet table. So fill up on high-fiber foods that will not only curb your appetite, but also help soak up the alcohol – and speed up your digestion system to aid in recovery the morning after.[3]

3. Cave into your craving – just a little. That’s right, let yourself cheat. If the holidays come around and you just can’t pass up Christmas dinner without having a slice of grandma’s famous apple pie, then by all means have it. Just have a small slice and then walk away from the dessert table, maybe follow it up with a cup of coffee or hot tea (with lemon, of course!).

Best of luck this holiday season with sticking to your guns and staying healthy. We would love to hear your best tips, please share in the comments below!


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